Sunnmøre Museum, Aalesund

Welcome to visit the open-air museum with its vast collection of old houses and vast boat collection. Enjoy a stroll between the picturesque houses and the indoor exhibitions, and get an insight into the cultural and architectural history of Sunnmøre.

Sunnmøre Museum, founded, in 1931, is a folk museum of the Norwegian coastal culture. The museum is located just 5 minutes drive from down town Ålesund, spread out over an outdoor area of 120 hectares (50acres). We give an insight into people`s life and work from the Stone Age up in recent times, through various exhibitions and a large collection of old houses and boats. The Outdoor Museum, with its more than 55 well preserved old buildings, tells about the building traditions and way of living at Sunnmøre from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century. Take a look at the museum’s vast boat collection too, including replicas of Viking ships, and visit the Medieval Age Museum, also located on the premises.