M/K Heland

The vessel was taken out of traffic in the late 1960`s, and donated to Sunnmøre Museum in 1971. Restoration work to return the Heland to its original condition as a fishing vessel, was carried out from 1994 to 1998.


Fishing vessel
In winter Heland was used in fishing for herring and cod. During the summer months of May and June, the boat was used for the whaling season in the North Sea, the Barents Sea and off the coast of the Arctic island of Jan Mayen. In September and October the boat was employed in line fishing for halibut.

A maritime veteran
From November 1941 to February 1942, Heland made several trips carrying refugees from the Ålesund region to the Shetland Islands. Subsequently, the boat joined a fleet of fishing vessels under the command of the so called “Shetland gang”, a group of men who were active in the resistance fight against the German occupation. These vessels transported weapons, ammunition, refugees and resistance fighters across the North Sea to Norway. Heland and the other vessels were replaced with more modern anti-submarine destroyers in 1943.