«Storeggen» of Ålesund

From the 1870s, large parts of the fishing grounds in the Norwegian Sea, the North Sea and the North Atlantic were dominated by bankline vessels. These boats represented a revolution in the fishing area called «havnåmet». But the bankline vessels were outcompeted by steamships in the early 1900s, and none of the old vessels in western Norway were preserved in their original condition, which lead to the last one disappearing in 1915.

In 2012 the Kjell Holm Foundation announced they wanted to build a replica of a bankline vessel, with the aim to shed light on an almost forgotten era in the maritime history of Sunnmøre. Sunnmøre Museum took over the vessel when it was finished in 2016. «Storeggen of Aalesund» is today the flagship of the foundation Stiftinga Sunnmøre Museum, and has become an important public conveyor of history.